Automating Primary Industries using Cutting-edge Control Technology


01Marine Drones

Autonomous Operation of Boats

Automate daily marine work such as “feeding,” “surveying,” and “monitoring” utilizing on-board devices.

02Remote Monitoring

Underwater Camera

24-hour monitoring from smartphone, etc. Can be used in a variety of underwater environments, such as aquaculture preserves and live fish transport vehicles.



Industrial CPU Boards
Highly reliable CPU boards are used in our products. Also supports function expansion using the stacking method.

04Bio Group Control ®

Remotely control the swimming direction of live fish

By moving fish underwater, it automates tasks such as “collecting,” “moving,” and “separating.”


“Automating food production system to solve global hunger problem”
We are taking the challenge of full automating aquaculture using new technologies with control engineering as our core system.


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